Safer for Bermondsey and Old Southwark

As a doctor I work daily with many people with criminal pasts and uncertain futures. I know crime needs some tough love. The Conservatives are the party of tough love. We offer the hard truth and can take the tough decisions to ensure Britain remains a strong, free, independent nation, with a committed and productive society.

And as Conservatives we are delivering on Crime. Conservative policies have resulted in a country in which crime is down and falling, police officer numbers are at all time high and a plan is in place to review the funding formula for local police to improve their operations further.

Recidivism is down from 32% to 24% since 2010 and violent crime and burglary down 40% while 90,000 knives have been taken off the streets. Funding for victim support services for sexual violence has quadrupled since 2010 and adult rape cases now have higher convictions with tougher sentences than under Labour.

But the work to reduce crime and improve the lives of victims does not stop. Jade’s Law, the Victims and Prisoners Bill will protect families from criminal spouses, and the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan is putting £160 million of funding to increase patrols in hotspot areas of anti-social behaviour.

There is no doubt that Conservatives care on Crime and the Conservatives deliver. Across the country since 2010 crime has fallen. Yet in Labour Police and Crime Commissioning areas crime has risen, including London.

London is a proud city, and I am a proud Londoner. I’ve witnessed first hand assault after assault, and been in the firing line myself. I know the way this city is run needs to change. The havoc we know today is a tragedy. We’ve seen thefts up 31%, sexual offences up 43% and robberies up 58% since Sadiq Khan took office.

In Bermondsey I’ve witnessed phone thefts, and been told of many more examples by our concerned communities. Meanwhile Southwark has the third-highest rate of knife carrying in London – behind only Lambeth and Westminster.

Residents like Amit agree with me that we need more police on our streets - something our Government is delivering, and something Susan Hall continues to champion.

If selected as your MP I will bring the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan to Bermondsey and Old Southwark. With your help we can make London, and Bermondsey and Old Southwark a safer place to be.